Huntington Beach Skylights.
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Types of Skylights, Huntington Beach:

Skylights Huntington Beach, Bronze Tint. Skylights Huntington Beach,White Tint.

Square or rectangular Skylights, Huntington Beach:

Require a complex rooftop mounting system, and the construction of a wood and drywall attic tunnel. The attic tunnel connects the rooftop skylight with the ceiling of the home's interior.

Acrylic as Opposed to Glass Skylights, Huntington Beach:

Acrylic Skylights are less expensive, last 25 – 30 years, lighter and require less integrated structure. Most important, they don’t radiate as much heat as glass Skylights.

Skylight Tints, Huntington Beach:

Clear, (Too hot, Too Bright). White Opaque, (Very bright but can’t see the clouds). Bronze Tint, (Allows ample sunlight, plus view of clouds).

Operable or Non Operable Skylights, Huntington Beach:

Skylights Huntington Beach, Operable.

Operable means that it opens like a window for air ventilation. Fixed means that it is stationary and does not open. Obviously the more complex the skylight, the more expensive it is. Operable electric skylights tend to be problematical as often the motor simply wears out. When customers ask for operable, I usually recommend non-electric or one with a hand crank and long pole.

Skylight Sizes, Huntington Beach:

When considering Skylight size, it is not necessary to go monstrous. The attic Skylight tunnel and the size of the opening at the ceiling is more important than having a giant skylight on the rooftop. If the tunnel gets progressively bigger at the bottom, it in turn spreads the light evenly throughout the room. We can order a custom size to fit any room.
Most often the rafters are 24" apart. A 24" skylight is fine for a small room like a bedroom, bathroom or hallway. But when it comes to a larger room such as a living room, kitchen or dining room, it may be appropriate to consider a larger skylight.