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Proper Flashing Technique As Defined By Skylights Huntington Beach, With Blue Knight:

If your skylight is leaking, it's because of one of two reasons.
1) The skylight is cracked.
2) The flashing was improperly installed at the roof curb junction.

The techniques we use in the installation of our skylights, especially where they meet the roof, are unique to us nation-wide. Therefore we are unwilling to share them with our competitors. Thus, you will not see a close up diagram or picture of our finished installations at the roof line.

To get our techniques, you need to "Skylights Huntington Beach With Blue Knight"...

Everything I've ever seen on Google or Youtube on skylight installation, is incorrect by our standards.

To see what common skylight installation flaws look like, please see our skylight leaks page. Also see our roofing site at Huntington Beach Roofing.